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Continuous band sealer

Automatic continuous band sealers are designed for increasing production speeds in semi automatic bag sealing applications. They securely seal bag materials by creating a wide seal of superior strength and appeal.

Suitable to seal thermoplastic material:

  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Aluminum/Paper foil laminates etc..

Sealing operation is very simple as the operator needs only to feed bags into the machine. The motorized conveyor belt will carry the filled bags through the sealing process and the sealed bags will deliver on the other side.

Horizontal and vertical models are available. Hot stamping printing coders shall be equipped optionally


Technical Specifications

Model FRB-770 I ERB-770 II
Type Horizontal Vertical
Voltage AC 220V/50 HZ
Power –Stand By 50W
Power-Sealing 30DW*2
Sealing Speed 0-12(0-16)M/Min
Printing Type (optional) Steel Wheel Embossing
Sealing Width 8-10 mm
Temperature Range ( C ) 0-300
Distance from the sealing center to
The Conveying table (mm)
10-40 150-270
Conveyor Size (L*W ) ( mm) 840*153
Film Thickness (manslayer)( mm) <0.08
Single Conveyor loading (kg) <1
Overal Conveyor loading (kg) <3
Dimension (L*W*H)(mm) 840*380*320 840*380*550
Net Weight (kg) 32 37
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